Tuesday, 14 August 2012

But the STARS...


  1. what a swollen heart mister van gogh possessed. or maybe it was the other way around and his swollen heart possessed him.

    cant wait to start this...

    and last october next to the birnam oak...

  2. Yes, God painted him with the rich oily colours of passion and fervour. He was a man who never flinched from being truly human or experiencing what it was to be alive.

    I have read sneaky snippets of Deakin's book, it looks fascinating. I am sure you'll find lots in it to inspire you.

    The Birnam Oak looks so majestic. I took a look on the Forestry site to read some more about it. What an incredible world we live in. History, lost and ignored to most, is written in its being like the whorls on our fingertips.

  3. Van Gogh has always fascinated me. I think Poe would have agreed that his paintings are like "dreams within a dream".

    1. I had not heard that. Yes, that is a very apt description.


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