Monday, 24 September 2012

What is THAT whispered on the WIND...

... by the stone rings of Avebury?

Deep echoes like the oceans' storm-bells tolling, chiming soft against the flesh of my soul.

Strange music that plays along the wide sweep of downland ridge and makes my heart beat faster. Perhaps our paths are really guided by songways; ancient music, as gold as the dawn mist, that sing to our hearts and call us back to our first roots in this rolling landscape of flint and chalk and wide skies.

Is that what takes us out of the town and out from the urbanity of life; out of the valleys and on to the downs? This way of song that threads its path through the wildness of wind and sheep and histories that are no longer told. Is that what brings me back to this place of deep echoes of the soul?

So what is that whispered on the wind by the stone rings of Avebury?

Where, Tibetan-like, coloured ribbons fly upon ancient branches and prayers swim upon the air. At owl-time when the badger prowls, does God, with steaming breath and earth-stained hands, stand beneath this tree and let these prayers run through his fingers? Perhaps, he too is touched by their hope. That we may follow the laughter on wilder winds.

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  1. ...may we all ~ hear the keening tolling breaths of the wind-berries...
    ...may they call us home...
    ...may ancient energies ~ carry us aloft ~ upon verdant clouds of bliss!...
    ...blessed be! ~ dear kindred soul brother!...
    ...xXx... ...Samantha...(:

    1. Thank you, Samantha. I love the sound of wind-berries. It's as if they should chime juicily on summer breezes :)
      Enjoy your burgeoning Spring.

  2. A beautiful place to be and you have captured it so well with your words.
    For a moment I was taken back to fond memories of wandering among the stones.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Yes, there is something strangely magnetic about that place that draws the heart and beckons to something beyond. Perhaps it is the touch of ancient (and not so ancient) history and the wide open landscape of the Wiltshire downs.

  3. Lyric ballads calling the soul home...


  4. Thank you. Yes, I think you are right. They do call us home - even though I am very unsure as to where 'home' is - they certainly call me to some place where I belong...

  5. I love this! Especially the ending. And the communication with place and time, the deep sense of reality.

    1. Thank you, Ellom. Yes time and place seem to be inextricably interwoven at Avebury.


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