Tuesday, 29 January 2013

One OF these MORNINGS...

... I will climb the rushing slopes of Sunrising hill,
                   under their sigh of larches,
                          just as dawn is bursting apart the night and
                                 she lets her light rage and roll down the fields
                                           and the tangled fortress of badger sett and fox hole...

... And the air will dance with dew and shiver at the might of life...

And I swear I will keep on climbing. And I will climb on up the cloud pillared sky...

... above the hills and these friendly, folded fields. For this body will no longer be heavy enough to keep me earthbound...

And I will keep on climbing up and up
          and into the restless, crow-painted skies
                      blinded with the joy of a small boy's heart
                                   and a timid soul that walks lion-tall among angels and giants
                                              and keeps company with the untameable and the divine.

And I swear that my spirit will break open in wolf-like howls among those castled clouds until the universe pours itself inside of me and my heart beats with its blazing pulse.

... One of these mornings I will be so large my heart will contain universes...

.... and there will be nothing left of me but a hymn of praise.


  1. the most beautiful proclamation.


    "..One of these mornings I will be so large my heart will contain universes.." - my favourite line.
    only it requires amendment - it already does

  2. Thank you. Sometimes, when the skies are made of lead, you make my spirit soar. x

  3. It's a "poem - river" that sweep along the "street-thinking" the most wonderful feelings.
    It is a manifesto for the life that we had to live.
    It is a poem written by the union of imagination and the most genuine consideration for the future.

    Have a good month.

    Yannis Politopoulos

    1. Thank you so much, Yannis. I can't tell you how touched I am by your words. They make me want to grow until my body is too small to contain me :)

  4. It is a great mystery & paradox that we are already what we long to be & yet we are not. Perhaps if there were no paradox here our longings would be diminished and we and all around us would be impoverished by that. The longings that you express here enrich me greatly and reawaken my own on this grey winter's day.

    1. Thank you, Stephen. Having just read (belatedly) your blog, I can see a certain amount of convergence in our thoughts. Yes, longing does create a sense of sadness and yet it also enriches the 'now.' And there IS a paradox here, the more we long for the 'other' the greater our appreciation of the 'here' becomes. It is like when I am at home, I feel a restlessness to be out in the storms and yet when I am out in the storms my dreams long for my home!

  5. You must never stop climbing. One day you'll reach that mountain peak. :)

    sending you happy spells


    1. Yes, that is what it is to live. Thank you very much, Amy, for your words. :)

  6. ... "One of these mornings I will be so large my heart will contain universes....... and there will be nothing left of me but a hymn of praise"

    ...This is the longing of my heart’s secrets
    and my heart does not tell me everything –
    neither would I wish it to
    for I will know all these things
    one day when I awaken...


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