Saturday, 6 October 2012

MAGICKRY - A Gypsy Heart

As Autumn strides laughing across the fields, scattering raindrops and berries, I thought it might be a good time for some unabashed romanticism. 
Life teaches us two things:
1. Romance does the heart good and brings a smile to the soul - and,  on these darker and chillier evenings, who would deny us that? 
2. Small boys will always be totally captivated by a smile and a wild, gypsy heart ;)

Magickry - A Gypsy Heart

There was a pretty gypsy maid
In auburn glades she’d wend her ways
And soft among the elder’s shade
In summer’s haze, and silvered days
The oak and ash would sing to her
And bring to her their autumn blaze
And butterflies would follow her
And over her, in thistle-down
Would thread a web so spider thin
Of rainbow hues to dress her in
And dew-gems for a crown.

She sang her songs of mystery
And wizardry and magickry
And spells that bind and mimicry
And filigree the stars that spun
Around her head with silken threads
Of orbits dark and distant suns

In ancient lore and alchemy,
And rune-wise, the words that she
Would weave among the grass   

She found a world of gallantry
Of errantry and pageantry
And though she longed to tarry there
And lose her heart and marry there
Her gypsy heart would carry there
The far off winds that harried her
Of distant lands that promised her
With silken words admonished her
Of oases green and fountains tall
Of stormy seas at the cliffs of fall
And zephyrs breathed vermilion
And gilded gold pavilions
And stallions and sherbet from
The opium fields of Avalon
In darker days, the wind would say
“There are other paths that call your way”

At night these paths would sing to her
And bring to her, and wing to her
The friends of her, of wings and fur
With wilder hearts astir.

By badger light and lantern’s sigh
And lonely flies the vixen’s cry
And all would come to sit with her
With heart and soul close-knit with her
Find comfort ‘neath the ash and briar
They sought beside her dreaming fire.

When alone among the moon beam’s dance
Schoolboy did chance to steal a glance
And held by her smile of golden bliss
He sought her kiss upon his cheek
And by this feat, he’d be a king.

As sparks flew up from firelight’s glow
And fireflies show the crystal’s globe
She held his hand so merrily
That happily and gallantly
He walked this world as new.

And now beneath the forest’s moon
And soft among the moths that flew
And swans that glide down woody steams
In dreams, he sings her tune.


  1. oh richard.
    reading it was like reading my imaginary world and then hearing the rhythmn of your words like a spell evoking the world to life.

    i love it.
    you're so wondrously good.

    sweet dreams mister g

    1. ;)

      Thank 'ee kindly, ma'am.
      Oh, to have that magic power to cast spells with words and evoke the worlds of the heart to life!

  2. ...thee art a wondrous soul! ~ and with word pictures! ~ doth be my dearest bard! ~ please sing like that again ~ agaiN and AGAIN!... ...blesed be! ~ dear kindred heart!... ...xXx... ...i give thee squeezy hugs!...(:

    1. Haha - that is lovely of you, Samantha. Thank you so much x

  3. This is perfect. The kind of voice that is rare these days, speaking of things that I wish to hear about in a way that awakens memories of instinctive inner worlds. Glad to have the connection!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, 'memories of instinctive inner worlds' - there are images and feelings that run deep. Often they are (at best) ignored or (at worst dismissed). I wonder why so many are so reluctant - or even fearful - of expressing them?

  4. oh goodness, I'm such a sucker for romance!! I had to listen a few times, so delicious. :)

    1. Oh thank you, Amanda. I am SO glad that you enjoyed it. I think that the world should be regularly seasoned with a liberal sprinkling of romance.

    2. I too say yes to a liberal sprinkling of romance!

  5. Beyond magical!! I have no words ..your voice..your flow of words..the experience of being inside your poetry is a blissful journey! It is like you were singing from pieces of my are fantastic and brilliant!
    Pure beauty!!

    1. Aw thank you that is so lovely of you - I am really touched. I am delighted that you enjoyed it.


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