Monday, 22 October 2012

The ASH TREE across...

... the road (friend of jackdaws and crooked hearts)
           stretches up into a dusk of glassy gold.
                 Her leaves steeped in autumn light.

A fountain of yellow falls upon the dying blooms of the carpet man's tender care.

I wait under the silent skies... silent save for the transcendent whoop of life and the distant laugh of rooks. I can feel my heart beat... and hear the pulse of blood around my head... and the sparrows in the hedgerow... and the pop and swish of falling leaves...

The church clock strikes, rolling over rooftops and fields and on and on up to the wordless woods.

The earth sings such magnificent hymns to the soul.


  1. woods and roots, rooks and rain... my temple too.


    1. Yes, there is both a peace and an exhilaration in these places. Thank you.

  2. richard, if i could give you anything i would make for you a magic cape of feathers to soar even above the height of your imagination and longings x

    1. Oh that would be so brilliant! Just imagine what sights we could see and what adventures that would await.

  3. the earth really does sing the most beautiful songs, if only more would allow themselves to slow down and listen.

  4. "I wait under the silent skies" ... "The earth sings such magnificent hymns to the soul"
    Beuatiful, the sounds you hear in the "silence" - for those who have ears to hear it!


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